Above Ground shelter

Above Ground Shelter An above ground shelter, storm shelter or bunker is basically a hardened structure that fits your own unique protection needs. We design and build a range of […]

Above Ground Shelter

An above ground shelter, storm shelter or bunker is basically a hardened structure that fits your own unique protection needs. We design and build a range of products ranging from storm shelters to an above ground bunker that is built like a commercial building then filled with concrete and rebar (twisted steel rods) to make them as safe as a bank vault. We have built them with kevlar interiors which makes them virtually impenetrable. These versions are site built from concrete and steel and can start as low as $12,000. You can use it as a garage or complete the interior and make a small apartment out of it, yet at the same time you have safe shelter for you and your family. These buildings can be built to withstand pretty much anything anyone, including mother nature can throw at it. We build these bunkers with the same mindset of our underground bunkers, meaning we strive to keep it affordable yet comfortable and functional. These are sometimes built in remote locations with off-grid capability and additional security measures in place. other times its a backyard apartment that a teen or adult child or aging loved one can stay in or you can even rent it, if you’d like. The building can even include shatterproof windows or bulletproof windows if you want. If you choose a shatterproof design, we recommend long thin windows that let in plenty of light and offer a view when placed in a series, yet the openings are too small for a man to fit through. We also use a Lexan based polycarbonate that is virtually indestructible, though not bulletproof. You can shoot it a hundred times but its still just as strong. Its smash-proof, rocks and bricks just bounce off. These above ground shelters can be used in many ways and their versatility can also increase the value of your home.

Our above ground shelter and storm shelters can easily be converted to a tiny house if you are a do it yourself type. We also offer a turn-key version in a tiny house format that comes with walls and interior already prepared. You just provide the furniture and finishing touches. We provide the structure that will withstand what you intend it to.

These buildings, regardless what you use it for in the meantime, can be used as an above ground shelter or bunker for larger families, groups or corporations. They can be made to look like an industrial structure as well, or by using split-face block on the exterior we can give them a castle like look. We think its important for a building to blend into its environment, so you are a resort and you need a bad weather room or a family that just needs some extra space and someplace safe in case something bad happens. We can build something that works for you. If you need a super secure building or just a reasonably strong structure, we can build it where you want it and to the scale you need.

There are many options when it comes to powering your building as well. You can hard wire it if its a backyard build or you can go with a more mobile solution. From generators to solar and wind or even an integrated system that incorporates all of these energy sources to maximize efficiency.

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As Founder and CEO of Omega Protocol it is my mission to build solid, affordable shelters that save lives. Having spent many years in the trades as a young man then transitioning to a 20+ year career in Information Technology, my team and I have the knowledge and know how to create you a safe affordable area, in your home or business where you can weather any storm. From our humble roots in the brick/concrete/steel industries as well as our years working with state of the art technology came Omega Protocol where we blend design, technology and strength to forge unique solutions for each client.