Take the time to learn something new every day and that practice will serve you well in life. Please take advantage of these free resources. They could save your life one day. We do our best to keep our resources fresh and bring you the best information on web so check back often. Educate yourself and survive!

Free E-Books

Links to great weather resource sites


Links to great survival resources

Links to excellent, survival and current events related Youtube channels

Survival Lilly

Low impact survival skills taught in an easy and laid back style


Awesome do it yourself channel for homesteading, off-grid living and general knowledge

the Slingshot Channel

One of the most entertaining and practical channels on youtube. Learn to build various types of slingshots and other things that will serve you well in any defensive or hunting situation.

Links to prepping websites

overnight protective shelter

overnight protective shelter

lean to shelter

lean to shelter

About the Author

As Founder and CEO of Omega Protocol it is my mission to build solid, affordable shelters that save lives. Having spent many years in the trades as a young man then transitioning to a 20+ year career in Information Technology, my team and I have the knowledge and know how to create you a safe affordable area, in your home or business where you can weather any storm. From our humble roots in the brick/concrete/steel industries as well as our years working with state of the art technology came Omega Protocol where we blend design, technology and strength to forge unique solutions for each client.