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At Omega Protocol we do everything we can to to provide our customers with an affordable custom security solution. We are creative craftsman that visualize the problem then offer possible solutions that will come in at various price points. Our pricing on products such as Hardened Doors or Concealment Mirrors and Compartments are fixed rate products, but when the solution is a custom job, the pricing will vary depending on the requirements.

How does the pricing and payment process work?

We require 65% up front to cover materials and running costs with the remaining 35% upon job completion in most cases. Pricing on larger jobs for groups or corporate clients we may need a different schedule.



Door and Window Steel Rod locking system: 2 Doors 5 Windows On Sale $175

Window hardening: Starting at $300 per window. (We use a special laminate that applies in layers making it stronger with each layer. We can make them shatterproof or bullet and explosive proof, depending on your needs.)

Panic Room / Safe Room: Starting as low as $3000 with additions they can range as high as $100,00 depending on the level of security you want and need.

Shelters, Bunkers: Starting as low as $4500 and again ranging as high as half a million or more depending on the type of security you need, location, etc.

Consulting: Our consulting services cover everything from tactical landscaping, escape and egress routes, creating a family plan for emergencies, choosing and getting to your bugout location and setting up a bugout location for long-term survival. These consulting services are $55/hr.

Training: We offer personal one-on-one survival training or we can give you a group rate for a family or group of friends. We offer training courses on:

  • Basic survival (Security, Fire starting, short-term shelter creation, finding water and food. Which items you should carry with you every day, etc.)
  • Survival Medicine – basic first responder training taught by a nurse with over 3o years of experience.
  • Firearms safety (Choosing the right weapon for you, how to use it  safely and accurately and how to use firearms in a group to ensure safety)
  • Escape and egress – (How to flee from attackers in the safest manner possible, choosing the right routes that will offer the best cover and least traffic, how to move as a group while presenting the smallest targets (leapfrogging).
  • How to build long term survival shelters that are sustainable and will allow you to live somewhat comfortably in the wilderness using only the most basic tools.

The prices of these courses vary and also depend on group size. We highly recommend this training for groups or families as  you will most likely be trying to survive with a group, so you should train as a group. However we do occasionally do one-off training sessions.

Who is training you?

Our chief instructor is the owner and CEO Michael Pereira. He lived off grid in the wilderness for a year and a half when he was a young man in a program for wayward youth. During that year and a half he honed his bushcraft and survival skills and created a foundation for the skills he would continue to use and learn throughout his life. He graduated second in his class in Basic Law Enforcement Training and served as a Company Police Officer for two months for Knight Police here in Charlotte North Carolina. He followed his wallet into the technology field, leaving police work behind and becoming a decorated web developer, graphic designer and multimedia producer as a career but still managed to maintain his interest survival and stayed active in the survival community while practicing Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Shooting, Archery and even skydiving. The video below describes some of his experiences as a young man learning these survival skills.


Sticker Shock

As we have mentioned, we offer solutions for almost any budget, however please realize that a top shelf solution is often accompanied by a top shelf price. For example, when creating a panic room, if you want the whole room or area bullet-proofed, it will cost much more than creating a bulletproof area within the room. We can make the whole room inaccessible to persons, while not quite bulletproof, for a lot less money than we can make the whole room bulletproof. Of course all of this is based on your individual budget as well as needs and desires. If you need and can afford a large room that is bulletproof, that is great. However most folks only need a safe room where a person cannot get at them with maybe a corner that is bulletproof.

The bottom line is that Kevlar and other bulletproof composites and materials are expensive. Especially, when you add in custom finishes and things like that to make the solution visually appealing or make it fit in with your existing decor. We want our customers to stay safe and alive at the most reasonable price, so think about what you truly need as opposed to what you want in a perfect world. We are happy to build whatever you want, but we also want to make sure you are getting the best possible solution for your money.

How can I make it more affordable?

Depending on your needs, we can offer various solutions that make sense and make your safety and security more affordable. One of the easiest ways to make something more affordable is to share the burden. If you need a bunker solution, you may want to consider a group solution. Building an above or below ground bunker or storm shelter that houses more people is easier and cheaper than building several individual shelters. Maybe you have an extended family you may want to include in your shelter solution or perhaps your church can build one that everyone can use and you can spread the costs across the whole congregation. In addition, it can be used day to day as a schoolhouse or for storage or even as the main church building itself. By using concrete and steel to build your building, we can easily create safe and secure shelter that looks just like any other normal building and only those who know will understand that the building is a reinforced shelter.

By adding these features into the initial construction of your home or building, you significantly decrease the cost of the solution. When you have to build four walls, its easier and more cost-efficient to build them with the security features at the time of construction or as part of the initial construction rather than as an add-on later. If you look at safety and security solutions before you build, you can also save money by considering Earthship type solutions that are built partially into the side of a hill or partially underground, which offers natural barriers that provide safety and save you money in heating and cooling costs by providing natural insulation.

At the end of the day, there are many things you can do to make your solution more affordable. Email us today to set up a consultation on your specific needs.

About the Author

As Founder and CEO of Omega Protocol it is my mission to build solid, affordable shelters that save lives. Having spent many years in the trades as a young man then transitioning to a 20+ year career in Information Technology, my team and I have the knowledge and know how to create you a safe affordable area, in your home or business where you can weather any storm. From our humble roots in the brick/concrete/steel industries as well as our years working with state of the art technology came Omega Protocol where we blend design, technology and strength to forge unique solutions for each client.