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Hardened Doors – With Steel Rods Over 80% of all burglaries occur with entrance through a door, usually the front door. That is a staggering percentage when consider that most […]
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Hardened Doors – With Steel Rods

Over 80% of all burglaries occur with entrance through a door, usually the front door. That is a staggering percentage when consider that most doors and locks seem very strong and secure. The reality is, most doors and door locks are amazingly strong and secure. The problem isn’t the lock and rarely the door. The problem is how doors are cased framed. They provide very little room for that strong lock to latch into.

Most exterior doors on American homes are about 2 inches thick and made of very sturdy wood. That is strong enough for an elephant to stand on and not break it. The problem lies in the 1/4 inch of wood that they slide into to bolt them shut and “lock” them. Almost any 12 year old boy can kick in almost any door on his first attempt because of this one design flaw that exists in 99% of the homes in America. That is a sickening fact. A grown man can kick in most doors with ease and very little effort. With crime on the rise and police response times rising right with it, you could be left alone to defend yourself for quite a while if someone kicks your door in. Or, if your not home, a burglar can easily enter your home and just take whatever they want with relative impunity. This has been a known flaw in the design of homes for years, yet we keep on making the same mistake of buying that strong door and extra strong lock only to rely on that same 1/4 inch of wood that six year old children can karate chop through. If it wasn’t so scary it would be almost comical. However, at Omega Protocol we don’t get the joke. We don’t like to read about robberies and home invasions and worse. We like to come up with innovative ways to use hardened doors to provide solutions to these problems. That is why we offer several ways to truly harden your door. We believe we should be secure in our homes and so should you. That is why we offer our hardened doors service to our customers at such a great price. By adding 1/4 inch steel rods to your door in key places, as well as upgrading the flimsy screws that come with most striker plates we can bring out the best in your doors and locks. Turning the system you already have in place into what you really wanted it to be in the first place. a truly hardened door that will stop potential intruders cold.

There are a few products on the market that will provide you with the hardened doors just as well, but they are more complex and they are obviously an add on, sticking out like a sore thumb. They are hard to color match and in general don’t do any better job than our system that is completely hidden and literally as hard as steel.

So how do our hardened doors systems work?

Hardened doors

Hardened doors

We are glad you asked. The answer is pretty simple. Most doors come preset from the factory already set into the door jamb. They just screw them in place, making sure they are level and even, then add a little trim work to finish the job. We cut 1/4 inch steel rods into 6 inch sections and after drilling a few discreet holes (mostly hidden by your existing strike plate and door hardware) we cement them in place Leaving them in just the right position for your door to work normally. These steel rods go all the way through the door jamb and into the double-studded door framing of your house. Building code in most areas requires that door and window openings be double braced with two layers of two by fours. This is what we cement our steel rods into. Discreet. and sturdy as can be. It would take someone a long time and a lot of effort to get through a door with this system in place. These hardened doors systems come close to being impenetrable by hardening your existing door and not forcing you to change out the whole door system.

Anyone wanting to enter would basically have to kick your wall in. Since burglars and thieves often go for easy targets, if they can’t get in after one or two tries they will, most times, just move on to an easier target. The one thing you can always count on is the laziness of people. This goes double for crooks who are obviously too lazy to work for a living. Secondly, these crooks don’t want to draw too much attention to themselves or what they are doing. So repeatedly kicking at your door is not in their best interest. Our system is one of the best ways we have seen to create hardened doors. If there was a better way to do it, we would be doing it that way. We are constantly researching new products and methods to secure your home and business.

Hardened Doors – Floor Based Systems

Also, for additional security at night, we also offer two different door stopper systems that are used when you are in the home. These are floor-based systems that further enhance the security of your door. Once you are inside your home, you simply slide the stopper into the floor mount and your door is now very, very hard to open. Combine that with our steel rod package above and the door becomes the door becomes impenetrable. Now that is what we call security. We install these systems at a very reasonable rate and recently they have become wildly popular, partly because you can secure all your lower doors fairly cheap but some customers use them internally in their home as well. For hardened doors, windows and all of your home safety and security needs contact Omega Protocol for a fair price and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Floor Based Door Stopper

Floor Based Door Stopper systems make your doors virtually impenetrable.


Floor Based Door Stopper

Floor Based Door Stopper systems make your doors virtually impenetrable.

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