Economic downturn

Why Prepare – Economic Downturn and correction in the market

Harry Dent’s concern is that the government’s unprecedented intervention through QE (Quantitative Easing) and other measures is creating the worst case scenario. Which is why his next words painfully hang in the air:

“The next crash is going to be worse than the last one.”

David Stockman, president Ronald Reagan’s Budget Director from 1981 – 1985, Best-selling author and economist, joins Harry Dent another best-selling author, economist and speculator. These men have directed and and watched the stock markets

Considering that Dent is known worldwide for his uncanny boom and bust calls over the last 30 years, one should pay careful attention to his new warnings that the stock market will collapse by 70%, that real estate will plunge by 40%, and that unemployment will spike up to 15%. Neither economist minces words when they place the blame squarely on Federal Reserve and their political cohorts who have enacted dangerous policies to benefit Wall Street over Main Street.
“They brought in the foxes — like Goldman Sachs — to look over the henhouse!” Dent says, throwing his hands in the air as he comments on the brazen policies forced on the American public after the 2008 crash.

David Stockman chimes in “All the cheap money has stayed in the canyons of Wall Street where the speculators can access it day after day . . . that’s called arbitrage.”
However, all is not lost if you prepare now, both economists state. In the video, they give practical advice viewers can use for their investments, career, education, and retirement. Watch to learn how.

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